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Alexander Turchin made a working trip to Borisov


The Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee visited the following enterprises: OJSC Borisovzhilstroy, OJSC Borisov Plant Avtogidrousilitel and OJSC BATE - the managing company of the Avtokomponenty holding.

At the first enterprise, Alexander Turchin inspected the production shops, got acquainted with the current financial and economic situation of Borisovzhilstroy, assessed the level of organization of the plant's work.

It should be said that this is one of the construction enterprises of the Borisov district. For more than 30 years, his craftsmen have been building housing for young, large and needy families throughout Minsk region, including in Borisov, Uzda, Berezino, Zhodino, Logoisk, Molodechno, Smolevichi.

The company is also engaged in the production of panels for construction. For many years of work, "Borisovzhilstroy" has implemented more than a hundred high-quality projects. For all the activities performed, the enterprise has the necessary licenses, including the design and construction of I and II levels of responsibility.

The Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee also inspected the assembly shop No. 3 of the Avtogidrousilitel plant in Borisov.

The company specializes in the production of steering mechanisms, hydraulic boosters, cylinders and other components of automobile chassis for various equipment, from cars to heavy trucks.

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