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Main / news / National News
2 November 2021

Council of Republic's expert panel in session in Minsk

Speaker Natalya Kochanova is presiding at a meeting of the Council of the Republic's expert panel in Minsk on 2 November, BelTA has learned.

“Today we are considering an important issue related to road transportation of passengers. It is an issue that concerns many residents of our country, businesses. We have invited specialists from the industry, MPs and heads of transport companies to participate in the council meeting. We will listen to everybody in order to take an absolutely correct decision,” said Natalya Kochanova.

According to Yekaterina Rechits, the member of the expert panel at the Council of the Republic, Head of Information and Analytical Department of the Secretariat of the Upper Chamber of the Parliament, the expert panel was set up in June 2021. “It was set up following the instruction of the head of state to review the viability of draft legislation on the most important issues of the country's development. The expert panel consists of the most authoritative scientists and practitioners from different fields: lawmaking, state administration, local self-government, industry, agriculture, energy, transport, communications, environmental protection. Experts are, too, invited to participate in the meetings of the expert panel,” she said.

According to the head of the department, the expert panel receives draft legislative acts from the head of state, the President Administration, the Council of Ministers and from the Council of the Republic. “As our experience has shown, some draft legislative acts lack integrity and consistency, proper forecasting of their impact. Therefore, in order to exclude negative economic, social and other ramifications at the stage of law enforcement, we submit corresponding findings to the head of state,” Yekaterina Rechits noted. "Today it is obvious that the expert panel is an effective tool for improving the quality of draft legislation and for assessing the impact of law-making on the development of our country."

“The expert panel is one of the tools enabling us to take a comprehensive look at draft legislation,” Transport and Communications Minister Aleksei Avramenko. “This is another platform where we can discuss at length the innovations that are suggested to the regulatory framework of the Republic of Belarus on certain issues. Getting familiar more closely with the legislative innovations is useful, I think, both for lawmakers and for the expert community.”

Source: BelTA